Winter Rates


Attention Parents:  Children under 10 are not allowed out on the golf course, except if they are in our “8 and 9 year old Certification Program”.  Children 10-12 years old must be golfing to be out on the golf course.

Get into the Swing of It


Attention Golfers: If we are experiencing extreme weather (frost, heavy rain, snow, ice, ect..), please call before you come out, we maybe closed for part of the day or the whole day until conditions improve.


Weekday (9 Holes):

   Regular                                                     $10.50

   Senior (60+)                                              $  9.00


       10-15 yrs.,  16-18 yrs., with Student ID.,

        and children in the "8-9 yr. olds

        Certification Program                            $ 7.50

   Second 9 holes                                          $ 6.00 

Weekend & Holiday (9 holes):

   Regular                                                     $10.50

   Senior  (60+)                                             $  9.00


     10-15 yrs., 16-18 yrs. with Student ID.,

     and children in the 8-9 yr. olds

     Certification Program                              $ 7.50

   Second 9 holes                                         $ 6.00

Other Rates:

  Club rental                                                 $ 3.00

  Push cart rental                                         $ 3.00

8-9 Year Olds Certification Program
To qualify, your child must:
*Be 8 or 9 years old.
*Be able to hit a golf ball at least 50 yards.
*Be capable and have the attention span to golf  9 holes.
*Be able to sit and listen to a talk about course rules and golf etiquette, and sign a promise sheet that they will abide by them.