Weekend & Holiday (9 holes):

   Regular                                                     $13.00


     10-15 yrs., 16-18 yrs. with Student ID.,

     and children in the 8-9 yr. olds

     Certification Program                              $ 9.00

   Second 9 holes                                         $ 7.00

Other Rates:

  Club rental                                                 $ 3.00

  Push cart rental                                         $ 3.00


8-9 Year Olds Certification Program
To qualify, your child must:
*Be 8 or 9 years old.
*Be able to hit a golf ball at least 50 yards.
*Be capable and have the attention span to golf  9 holes.
*Be able to sit and listen to a talk about course rules and golf etiquette, and sign a promise sheet that they will abide by them.


Attention Parents:  Children under 10 are not allowed out on the golf course, except if they are in our “8 and 9 year old Certification Program”.  Children 10-12 years old must be golfing to be out on the golf course.

Get into the Swing of It

Green Fees

Weekday (9 Holes):

   Regular                                                     $12.00

   Senior (60+)                                              $  9.75


       10-15 yrs.,  16-18 yrs., with Student ID.,

        and children in the "8-9 yr. olds

        Certification Program                            $ 8.00

   Second 9 holes                                          $ 6.00